Who We Are

Founded in 2011 and acquired by American Addiction Centers, Inc. (“AAC”) in 2015, Recovery Brands is comprised of passionate, open-minded professionals working to elevate the standard of addiction treatment in the United States.

Mission & Ethics 

Our mission is to provide individuals and their loved ones with online resources so they can identify treatment options for substance use, behavioral addictions, and mental health disorders.

Recovery Brands is committed to high standards of ethical conduct that reflect:


We carefully craft our user experience, combining high-quality content, resources and treatment directories with the latest technology. We take steps to ensure that our sponsors do not promise “cures” or engage in harmful business practices. We promote quality care, ongoing support and lifelong health.


While we are an ad-supported publisher, we strive to clearly distinguish ads from content. We disclose site ownership and sponsorships. We use pop-up explanations to explain how our helplines operate. We differentiate our original content from that which is publicly-sourced or contributed by treatment center staff. We urge treatment providers to help us update our directory so that our visitors are presented with the most current information.


We are committed to editorial independence. Our content is unbiased with respect to objective facility data and reviews & ratings provided by staff and alumni.


We publish content presenting all facets of addiction impartially, allowing visitors to make informed decisions about treatment. We provide paid and unpaid facility options simultaneously. We help promote treatment providers, whether they are paid sponsors or not.


We believe everyone has a right to treatment. If a visitor contacts one of our sponsors via our site and it is not a match, we ask that the sponsor be prepared to recommend a treatment alternative that addresses the person’s needs free of charge.


We hold ourselves accountable for establishing exemplary standards in digital marketing. We promote accountability in the provider community by publishing curated reviews based on surveys of facility alumni, their loved ones, and referring professionals. These surveys adhere to high academic research standards.

Financial Integrity

We don’t sell or broker admissions. We don’t engage in “consultant contracts” intended to circumvent rules. We support our growth efforts by selling sponsorships and advertising packages.

Open Mindedness

We believe in continuous improvement. We encourage–and pay close attention to–feedback. We are willing to make changes when recommendations have merit and can result in a better experience for our visitors.

Our Story 

In July 2015, Recovery Brands, LLC, was acquired as a subsidiary by American Addiction Centers, Inc. (“AAC”). Since joining the AAC family, Recovery Brands’ sites continue to provide robust, meaningful resources which support our mission and ethics of transparently informing those struggling with addiction and their loved ones of their treatment options.

With millions of people now searching for addiction treatment online, our mission is two-fold: first, we provide trusted and authoritative resources that resonate with those in need of treatment; second, we help reputable treatment providers maximize the reach and visibility of their brands.

In the interest of being as helpful as possible when connecting treatment seekers with treatment providers, RecoveryBrands.com is committed to high ethical standards and transparency. As such, we take steps to ensure our advertisers are licensed, similar to the criteria used by the federally run Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) provider directory at SAMHSA.gov.