Who We Are

Recovery Brands is comprised of passionate, open-minded professionals working to elevate the standard of addiction treatment in the United States.

Mission & Ethics

Our mission is to provide individuals and their loved ones with comprehensive online third-party resources so they can identify the best treatment options for substance use, behavioral addictions, and mental health disorders.

Recovery Brands is committed to the highest standards of ethical conduct that reflect:



We carefully craft our user experience, combining the highest-quality content, resources and treatment directories with the latest technology. Our sponsors do not promise "cures" or engage in harmful business practices. We promote quality care, ongoing support and lifelong health.



While we are an ad-supported publisher, we clearly distinguish ads from content. We fully disclose site ownership and sponsorships. We use pop-up explanations to clearly explain how our sponsored helplines operate. We differentiate our original content from that which is publicly-sourced or contributed by treatment center staff. We urge treatment providers to help us update our directory so that our visitors are always presented with the most current information.



We are committed to editorial independence. Our content is unbiased with respect to objective facility data and reviews & ratings provided by staff and alumni.



We publish content presenting all facets of addiction impartially, allowing visitors to make informed decisions about treatment. We provide paid and unpaid facility options simultaneously. We help promote treatment providers, whether they are paid sponsors or not.



We believe everyone has a right to treatment. If a visitor contacts one of our sponsors via our site and it is not a match, we ask that the sponsor be prepared to recommend a treatment alternative that addresses the person's needs free of charge.



We hold ourselves accountable for establishing exemplary standards in digital marketing. We promote accountability in the provider community by publishing curated reviews based on surveys of facility alumni, their loved ones, and referring professionals. These surveys adhere to the highest academic research standards.

Financial Integrity

Financial Integrity

We don't sell or broker admissions. We don't engage in "consultant contracts" intended to circumvent rules. We support our growth efforts by selling sponsorships and advertising packages.

Open Mindedness

Open Mindedness

We believe in continuous improvement. We encourage--and pay close attention to--feedback. We are willing to make changes when recommendations have merit and can result in a better experience for our visitors.

Our Story

In 2003, Abhilash Patel began searching online for addiction treatment options. Confused by the array of unreliable sources and unsure of which one of many "voices" he could trust, he found himself left with more questions than answers: Why wasn't there an easy way to filter and compare facilities based on his needs? Why didn't anyone have reliable Outcomes Data published anywhere? How could he know that treatment at this facility was going to work any better for him than the thousands of others out there?

He knew there had to be a better way, even if it meant creating it himself.

Several years later, in 2008, Abhilash was introduced to Jeff Smith by a mutual friend and colleague. A successful entrepreneur and digital marketer, Jeff also had a personal connection to the plight of those seeking quality addiction treatment. Between their combined digital marketing talents and personal motivations to help the addiction recovery industry, Abhilash and Jeff discovered the perfect partnership.

"We knew there was a way to improve the industry's digital marketing ecosystem, build an incredible business of our own, and help people change their lives — all at the same time," says Patel.

And it's safe to say they've done just that.

Since its inception in 2011, Recovery Brands has seen tremendous growth, both in terms of the treatment seekers and treatment facilities it has managed to connect, and the size of the team we've created to help fulfill their vision.

"It's an honor to know that the work you're doing is connecting people, who may often feel like they're completely alone in the world (and without hope), with resources, community and help," says Smith.

"Sometimes we'll get to hear about how their lives have changed, and how profoundly hopeful they are, having gotten back the lives they felt they'd lost," adds Patel. "That's miraculous. And we get to make that happen every day."

Most of the Recovery Brands team has been uniquely impacted by addiction, either directly or indirectly. Our work is about more than just connecting those seeking treatment with the facilities and professionals that can help them, it's about impacting societal change. That's when work becomes most meaningful and rewarding.

"We've made a point to look beyond drive and skill, and to seek out individuals with a passion for being of service to others, to their team, and to their community," says Smith. "We want big thinkers, and champions of new ideas and methods for making an impact."

The proof, as they say, is in the pudding.

We've already helped tens of thousands of people and families find addiction treatment. We've launched ClientReach, our newly launched digital marketing platform for treatment facilities. We've collaborated on an anti-stigma campaign, the LIVES Challenge. We've launched a ratings and reviews platform to allow treatment center alumni to score their facility. With these successes and others, Recovery Brands is having a positive impact on countless individuals, families and the treatment industry at large.

Five years on, we're only getting started and are confident when we say the best is yet to come...

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Meet the Team

Without a doubt, the #RBDreamTeam culture is a product of its people. From San Diego to New York City, the many inspiring, funny, and compassionate individuals who show up every day to support one another and do incredible work are at the core of our brand.

Our Executive Team

Derek Hyman Headshot
Derek Hyman SVP of Growth and Operations
Derek Hyman Headshot Derek Hyman SVP of Growth and Operations

Derek Hyman is our Senior Vice President of Growth and Operations. He joined Recovery Brands in 2015 and oversees the company's operations and strategic focus. Prior to joining Recovery Brands, Derek was the Vice President of Sales and Operations for Underground Elephant; a direct response, online performance marketing technology company. When not defining business strategies, Derek spends his time frequenting coffee shops, eating amazing food, and being active.

Melanie Haber Headshot
Melanie Haber SVP of Brand and Communications
Melanie Haber Headshot Melanie Haber SVP of Brand and Communications

Melanie Haber is our Senior Vice President of Brand and Communications at Recovery Brands. Since January 2014, she's worked to enhance Recovery Brands' brand credibility in and outside of the industry, while growing and overseeing the research, marketing, social media, and PR departments. She also runs the company's New York office. Prior to joining Recovery Brands, Melanie created The Helpline and strategic partnerships for The Fix, was a therapist at Trenton Psychiatric Hospital, and held various digital media positions in the entertainment industry. She holds her B.A. in Communications from The University of Pennsylvania, where she was a dancer, choreographer, and chairman for the Penn Dance Company. She also earned her M.A. in Creative Arts Therapy from Drexel University.

Stacy Mendes Headshot
Stacy Mendes VP of People & Culture
Stacy Mendes Headshot Stacy Mendes VP of People & Culture


Our Team Leaders

Andrew Anderson Headshot
Andrew Anderson Director of Growth
Brianna Leatham Headshot
Brianna Leatham Director of PPMO
Jay Ong Headshot
Jay Ong Director of Sales
Jon Hoffer Headshot
Jon Hoffer Director of Content & On-Site SEO
Nikki Seay Headshot
Nikki Seay Content Marketing Manager
Ruchi Dhami Headshot
Ruchi Dhami Director of Research
Scot Thomas Headshot
Scot Thomas Sr. Medical Editor
Steve Erro Headshot
Steve Erro Manager of Optimization

We are proud to announce that as of 2015, Recovery Brands is now operating as part of Sober Media Group, LLC, a digital media arm of American Addiction Centers. Recovery Brands' staff and mission remain the same – to offer comprehensive digital marketing tools and resources to treatment providers, and to help people struggling with addiction make informed decisions about their care.