As a company focused on bettering the addiction treatment industry, it is important that we continuously improve our resources, assess treatment impact and efficacy, and further important conversations and advancements across the industry.

To ensure we’re constantly achieving these goals, Recovery Brands strives to collect relevant and impactful data through extensive research. We regularly obtain feedback from treatment providers and their alumni, as well as the general public, to understand needs, preferences, and perceptions relating to addiction and its treatment. All of our research is collected through top-quality, scientific methodology that adheres to the highest ethical standards of academic investigation.

Participate In Our Studies

Recovery Brands collects millions of pieces of data annually. We’re always looking for more data to improve our tools and products, increase our understanding of the needs and preferences of those who use our resources, and elevate standards across the addiction space. We invite you to take part in our open and enrolling studies. Browse the projects below to learn how you can participate.

Current Studies:

Have you or a loved one attended an addiction treatment center? Do you currently work at a rehab facility?

Recovery Brands is currently enrolling treatment center alumni and their loved ones for 30-minute in-person interviews. Do you currently live in the New York City or San Diego areas, and want to earn $25 for your time?

Looking to boost your treatment center’s online reputation through robust data and meaningful reviews?