Recovery Brands Launches New Twitter Chat, #RBRoundtable


#RBRoundtable is a new monthly Twitter chat, hosted by @RecoveryBrands, designed to generate conversation around topics such as addiction treatment, drug policy, health and wellness, mental health, relationships, and more. With a new topic being selected every month, each chat will be one hour long, and will follow a question and answer format of six to eight questions. To kick things off, The Role of Wellness in Recovery will be the first #RBRoundtable chat. Questions will focus on mental wellness, exercise and nutrition tips, navigating stress, and more.


Each chat will feature two to four experts in the substance abuse, mental health or behavioral disorder fields to act as roundtable panelists. In this role, they will answer participant questions and contribute to the overall discussion. Penni Feiner and Michele Rosenthal are the featured panelists for the inaugural #RBRoundtable chat, The Role of Wellness in Recovery. Anyone with a Twitter account is able to participate in the #RBRoundtable discussions.

Penni Feiner is a licensed Kundalini Research Institute-certified yoga teacher, as well as a LifeForce Yoga® level II practitioner. She serves as Executive Director of Kula for Karma, a 501c3 non-profit community of yoga teachers who offer yoga to individuals challenged by illness, abuse, neglect, addiction, and other life obstacles.

Michele Rosenthal is a certified professional coach with expertise in trauma and PTSD recovery, certified hypnotist and certified neuro-linguistic programmer. She is also a bestselling and award-nominated author, host of the radio program, Changing Direction, and founder of

For experts interested in submitting a topic and/or participating in the Twitter chat as a panelist, please reach out to with your suggestions.


The chat series will begin in February and take place each month moving forward. Recovery Brands Twitter followers will be notified one week before each monthly chat takes place.


Individuals interested in following the chat can do so at @RecoveryBrands using the hashtag #RBRoundtable.


Ashton Tupper
PR Manager, Recovery Brands