Who We Are

Recovery Brands is a group of passionate, open-minded professionals across the United States, working to elevate treatment visibility for consumers and raise the quality of care provided across the industry. We have first-hand knowledge of the devastating toll that substance abuse and behavioral addictions can take on a person’s life, health, and family. We want everyone seeking information about addiction or treatment to have the best online resources, tools and care possible for any situation or location.

We are proud to announce that as of mid-2015, the Recovery Brands team is now operating as part of Sober Media Group, LLC, a digital media arm of American Addiction Centers. Recovery Brands' staff and mission remain the same – to provide the best services, tools and resources for treatment providers, and to help those struggling with addiction to connect with the facilities and programs that can support them.

Newest Achievements

  • Research and Review Surveys

    We've been gathering data from treatment center alumni, their families, referring professionals and facility staff members in order to create a more robust Ratings and Review system. Our goal is twofold: to provide a platform for people to share experiences within the addiction treatment space and, additionally, to help establish a standard for care within the treatment industry and, ultimately, to raise it.

  • Professionals' Community

    Our newest Rehabs.com platform has been elevating the caliber of addiction-focused content through strategic partnership with the best voices in the fields of treatment, recovery, prevention, policy and more. What began as a Pro Talk series on Rehabs.com will become a community that includes interactive forums, groups and additional networking resources.

  • New Directory Filters

    We continue to work with providers to update our treatment directory with the most current facility-specific details and information, as well as adding new search filters and personalized list creation. Visitors can more efficiently compare and select treatment options – both paid and unpaid – that best meet their recovery needs.

What's Coming

  • Publishing unprecedented research for consumers to identify the best treatment providers by category.
  • Personalized services for those treatment seekers wanting to make a more guided decision.
  • Intelligent benchmarking and insights for treatment providers who choose to market with Recovery Brands.

What We Offer

Helpline Supporter's Program

Our sites guide people toward getting the help they need via toll-free advisor helplines. Qualified centers may be eligible to engage these prospective clients directly as Helpline Supporters.

Targeted Display Ads

We’ll provide you with highly targeted traffic to your website or profile (with call-tracking enabled) through ad placement on our family of addiction treatment sites, at a fraction of the cost of traditional PPC.

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